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三天两夜 – 翻唱 Cover

June 11, 2009 @ 7:31 pm
posted by Bolin

5 Responses to “三天两夜 – 翻唱 Cover”

  1. 彤/丹 says:

    me and my co-worker (even his gf 2) all thinks your voice so sexy….应该去参加“星光大道”哦 ^-^

  2. Bolin says:

    I’m too old for that, 🙂

  3. bobo says:

    great voice and technique.
    Better than “星光大道” guys.
    I think better than Eason Chen.

  4. bobo says:

    You have great potential.
    It is a waste if you do not use your talent.
    Strongly request for more songs.

  5. Bolin says:

    Thank you, 🙂

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