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圣地亚哥 San Diego – Sea World

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暴雪公司近日承认其最新上市的游戏《星际争霸2:自由之翼》存在一个可导致用户机器中的显卡GPU过热损坏的Bug。这款游戏的菜单界面并没有对画 面的帧 速率进行限制,这样如果此时电脑没有其它的工作需要完成,那么显卡就会开始全速反复渲染菜单界面的画面,这会导致显卡GPU出现过热现象。

所 幸人们已经找到了解决这个问题的方法,玩家可以在电脑上找到”Documents\StarCraft II Beta\variables.txt” 和”Documents\StarCraft II\variables.txt”这两个文件,然后向文件中写入frameratecapglue=30 和 frameratecap=60两行代码,便可缓解显卡过热的问题。
令人感到奇怪的是这次暴雪虽然已经承认了游戏存在这个Bug,但是却没有公开提醒自己的用户小心。 (本文来源:cnbeta )

There’s been various reports of poor battery life in particular with the iPhone 3G and iOS 4. After updating I noticed battery life was reduced for my phone, but not as bad as many others were reporting (I’d say a ~15% reduction in battery life). I did however find what appears to be a fix. It’s quite simple actually.

Plug in your iPhone 3G either to the wall charger or your computer’s USB port and let it charge while on for several hours (overnight should be cool). Power down your phone, then turn it back on. For me this brought the phone’s battery life back to where it was before the update.

Why does this fix work? I’m not sure but I do have a theory. It appears when the OS was upgraded your spotlight database needed to be updated. This requires indexing all the data on your phone. Needless to say all this effort kills your battery. Apple must have some algorithm in place to do this work and preserve battery life but it obviously changed between iOS 3 and iOS 4. By leaving it plugged in it appears to complete the process and by restarting it will make sure that any hanging process on your phone is killed and memory fragmentation is cleaned up. iOS 4 runs tight, swapping kills performance and battery life. This also seems to help performance as my phone doesn’t lag as much anymore (though it’s hardly a speedster like the iPhone 4). It also explains why some people would see different levels of the problem as it would depend on how much you have to index.